From Candeeiros Mountain to Aire Mountain

Day [2]


From the parish church of Pedreiras in the municipality of Porto de Mós to the Sanctuary of Fátima, a new day of walking begins in a landscape which offers dramatic scenery of great beauty. The greatest challenge of the day is the ascent and passage across the Candeeiros Mountain, which features steep slopes and characteristic rock formations. Here, the degree of difficulty is high, but you can make stops to rest, replenish supplies and enjoy the landscape.

Some small restaurants also offer authentic local delicacies such as cheese, sausages and sweets. This mountainous territory leads to the Aire Mountain, where visitors will find scattered settlements in small welcoming villages surrounded by agricultural land punctuated by olive, oak and holm oak trees. The landscape is characteristic of the Estremadura Limestone Massif, a natural environment which creates a deep mark on surrounding life. The characteristic resources and ways of life of the territory reflect a unique human landscape, with its villages and towns, ancient traditions and contemporary experiences, located in the heart of the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park. This park was created in 1979 to protect and enhance the inseparable relationship between nature and man.