Churches and Manor Houses of the Green Lima

Day [2]


The second stage of the Route begins in Rubiães, at the Church of St. Peter and ends in the town of Ponte de Lima, at the Church of St. Anthony of the Old Tower in the Arnado Theme Park. It covers 18 km and can be walked in 5 hours. With altitudes ranging from 10 m to 400 m it crosses a diverse landscape, consisting of mountains, valleys, forests and plains, and is criss-crossed by a number of rivers and streams spanned by bridges. It is a pleasant and calm stage of the Route, with some very easy sections and just a few steeper ones that require a slower walking pace.

It is the first part of this stage, the Labruja Mountains, which poses a degree of difficulty. Here, the route is a winding one and has a number of climbs that require more energy. As one heads in a southerly direction and draws nearer the final destination, green fertile fields emerge alongside the banks of the River Lima. Amidst this diversity, there are always reasons for walking slowly and pausing from time to time, whereby the duration of the walk can be extended in accordance with people’s specific interests.