Historic Pilgrim Routes

Day [3]


The third stage of the Route begins in Ponte de Lima, at the Church of St. Anthony of the Old Tower in the Arnado Park and ends in Tamel (S. Pedro Fins, Barcelos), at the Parish Church. It is 24 km long and has some gentle climbs, with altitudes that vary between 9 m and 194 m. It is between a medium and easy level of difficulty. Essentially it runs through rural and farming areas, with the occasional urban settlement. It’s a quiet day, providing a walk full of peace and calm.

Over the course of the day, the Route passes through the Municipalities of Ponte de Lima and Barcelos, where the route of the Caminho de Fátima meets with historic pilgrimage routes, and in particular that of the Way of Saint James. The region to the south of the River Lima presents a scenery in which geography and history are interwoven. Mankind’s relationship with nature predominates in the physiognomy of the natural and man-made landscape. Water abounds in the riverside meadows, which are dotted with farming villages.