Recollections of the Condado Portucalense

Day [5]


The fifth stage of the Route begins in Rates, at the Parish Church of St. Peter and ends in Vairão at the Monastery of the Holy Saviour. It covers 13.5 km and follows an almost flat terrain, with a maximum altitude of 106 m, which can be classified as being between easy and very easy. You will be able to walk calmly and devote more attention to the world around you and talk to the people you meet. Likewise, you can recover your energy for the stages to come, which are more demanding. 

Over the course of this day, you will pass through two Municipalities, Póvoa do Varzim and Vila do Conde, whose history is profoundly associated with the Condado Portucalense and thereby with the origin and foundation of Portugal. The verdant landscape is defined by farmers’ fields, in which there is abundant water, and small rural villages are encountered exuding a life of peace. As you walk you are accompanied by the River Ave, which provides a connection between the coast and inland region.

 The local heritage is formed by harmonious and well-preserved structures, which were built on noble estates and monastic land. The local place names conserve the memory of historic figures and events. The local traditions are defined by rituals linked to agriculture and the religious calendar, and festivities forge a deep connection between the sacred and profane.