Carmelite Route

Coimbra - Santuário de Fátima
111 km

The Carmelite Route is a Fatima Walking Route in the territory of the Center of Portugal, between Coimbra and the Sanctuary of Fatima. This thematic itinerary is inspired by the life and work of Sister Lucy, one of the three visionary children of Fatima, who in 1947 entered the Carmel of St. Teresa in Coimbra and lived here until her death in 2005. The journey begins in Carmel Santa Teresa, near the memorial of Sister Lucy. It has 111 km, along many footpaths, where nature is beautiful and life is quiet.

Conceived by the Agência para o Desenvolvimento dos Castelos e Muralhas do Momdegofor, it is managed in partnership by ACF – Caminhos de Fátima Association (an association founded by 14 Portuguese Municipalities that actively participate in this project).

This Route is approved by the Centro Nacional de Cultura.

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