Fátima Walking Routes

The Fátima Walking Routes are a network of religious and cultural itineraries that start at various locations and end at the Sanctuary of Fatima.

Developed by the Centro Nacional de Cultura since 1996, in partnership with many institutions and in conjunction with the Shrine of Fatima, they offer safe and pleasant conditions for pilgrims and walkers heading to the Shrine of Fatima, avoiding busy roads in favour of dirt tracks and small rural roads. The Fátima Walking Routes offer a true sense of spirituality, in connection with nature and religious and cultural experiences. 

These itineraries cover a variety of territories with great cultural and scenic interest and are linked to other national and international itineraries.

Guides of the Fátima Walking Routes

The Guides systematically provide complete information on these routes, with an emphasis on the landscape, heritage, culture and local ambience.

They present maps associated with each of the routes, as well as descriptive content about the respective itineraries. At the end of each Route, there is information about the Shrine of Fatima, with a description of the most emblematic places, from the Basilicas to the Little Chapel, highlighting the history and symbolism of each of these spaces.

They are available for consultation and download on the platforms caminhosdefatima.org and pathsoffaith.com, including maps in GPX and KML format.


These pilgrimage itineraries are identified by the Fátima Walking Routes brand, which incorporates symbolic elements: a holm oak, a place of appearance of the virgin to the little shepherds, a characteristic tree of Fatima landscape and a botanical species protected in Portugal (quercus ilex); blue color, symbol of the blue sky and the atmospheric ambience that is experienced directly in the Sanctuary and the surrounding space.

The trademark is owned by the Centro Nacional de Cultura and its use requires authorization.