Here you’ll find our selection of news related to the Caminhos de Fátima project.

Via Lusitana opens new Pilgrim Information Center in Lisbon

Ego Editora presents new book about the Apparitions and the Fátima Walking Routes

Herbert Hirschler publishes “Himmel, Herrgott, Fatima” (Heaven, God, Fatima)

Fátima Walking Routes in the spotlight at BTL Travel Market

Sister Lucia at the center of a new summer course at the Sanctuary of Fatima

Paraguay is the guest destination of the Religious Tourism Workshops in Fátima

Sanctuary of Fatima offers Christmas Concert

“De-Codifying” the history and message of Fatima

Valença City Council buys property closed for seven years from Misericórdia

Sanctuary of Fatima inaugurates “Homeless Jesus”

Religious tourism with international congress in Fátima in 2024

Statue of Sister Lucia, by the sculptor Alves André, at the main entrance to the Carmel of St Teresa in Coimbra

Sister Lucia Memorial in Coimbra is expected to reach 10,000 visitors by the end of the year

Art historian Vítor Serrão at the presentation of the book

The Sanctuary of Fátima’s application for UNESCO World Heritage status

Fatima and artistic creation: the Sanctuary and Iconography

Caminhos de Fátima propose walking routes for those on the way to the Cova da Iria

Caminhos de Fátima - Carmelite Route: Stones are already piling up at some of the milestones along the way, signalling the passage of walkers ©

‘Caminhos de Fátima’ will have routes from Tomar, Beira Interior and Alto Alentejo

The new Caminhos de Fátima guides reinforce safety and the connection to heritage

Rector of the Sanctuary of Fatima highlights the “symbolism” of the Carmelite Route