Memories of the Roman Era

Day [13]


The thirteenth day of the Route begins in Condeixa-a-Nova, at the Main Church (Praça do Município) and ends in the village of Rabaçal, at the Main Church (Rua da Igreja). It is a short and serene day’s walk, well suited to a pilgrimage and its spiritual concerns. It is 13 km long and can be completed in around 3hrs30 mins. With barely any difficulties along the way and a maximum altitude of 180 metres, it makes for easy walking, and there are numerous footpaths.

It crosses the Municipalities of Condeixa-a-Nova and Penela and makes its way through the landscape of the Rabaçal Valley and the Rio dos Mouros Canyon, which both form part of the striking natural environment of the Sicó Mountains limestone massif. On the gentle slopes and in the valleys Mediterranean tree species proliferate, in particular oaks, chestnuts, holm oaks and cork oaks. In the fertile and well-irrigated areas the landscape is characterised by ancient settlements associated with fortified towns, and above all the Romanisation of the western side of the Iberian peninsula.