Vista panorâmica de Lisboa, a partir do rio Tejo
Tagus Route Day [ 1 ]

In the heart of Lisbon

[Sé de Lisboa - Parque das Nações]
12.5 km
30 m
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Between Lisbon’s Cathedral and the end of Parque das Nações, a walk of 12.5 km can be covered in around 5 hours.

This first day takes place in the heart of Lisbon, starting at the Cathedral and moving through the city towards the eastern part of Parque das Nações, where it ends. With multiple and surprising aspects of a very rich and original cultural and environmental heritage, the city is presented in its relationship between nature and urban life, creating ambiences of rare beauty. Along the typical neighbourhoods of Lisbon and the new centres of urban modernity, cosmopolitan Lisbon emerges, where tradition coexists and interacts with innovation.