Northern Route Day [ 16 ]

Tradition and Biodiversity

[Bofinho - Seiça]
26 km
200 m
Earth & Asphalt
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The sixteenth day of the Route begins in the village of Bofinho (parish of Pelmá), at the Chapel of Saint Anthony (at the junction of Rua da Fonte and Rua da Capela) and ends in Seiça, at the Main Church (Rua da Igreja). It covers 26 km, which can be completed in around 6 hrs, and consists of a combination of local roads and footpaths. It makes its way through hilly terrain with climbs of around 200 m, and is a medium level of difficulty.

It crossed the Municipalities of Alvaiázere and Ourém and makes its way through a zone of geographical transition between the Sicó Mountains Massif and the Estremadura Limestone Massif of the Aire and Candeeiros Mountain Ranges. Diverse forms of agriculture are undertaken on this region’s gentle slopes, upland plains and irrigated valleys. At the outset of this day’s walk we continue close to the River Nabão. Within a landscape setting in which the biodiversity is wholly apparent, ancient olive groves and centuries-old vines abound. Over the course of the day, the Route passes through small, rural villages, as well as a number of towns, noteworthy for their urban nature.