Northern Route Day [ 11 ]

The Mondego Plains

[Mealhada - Coimbra]
23 km
143 m
Earth & Asphalt
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The eleventh day of the Route begins in Mealhada at the Parish Church (Avenida Comendador Messias Batista), and ends in Coimbra at the Church of Holy Cross (Praça 8 de Maio)This stage is 23 km long, and it can be completed in around 5hrs. It covers a varied terrain and the altitudes range from 5 to 143 metres. It has an easy level of difficulty, and makes its way through a diverse landscape of rural spaces and urban areas, which provide the ideal conditions for a peaceful day’s walking.

Located in Central Portugal, this region links the districts of Aveiro and Coimbra, and its climate progressively leaves behind any coastal influence as it heads inland. You pass through the Municipalities of Mealhada and Coimbra, where you find historic towns and striking natural and urban landscapes. This is the region of the fertile Mondego plains, that spread out alongside this major river and its tributaries, which are the principal elements in this landscape.   

The cultural heritage is impressive and attractive, characterised by the antiquity and authenticity, quantity and diversity of all its features.