Northern Route Day [ 15 ]

In the Shadow of the Oaks

[Ansião - Bofinho]
13.5 km
350 m
Earth & Asphalt
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The fifteenth day of the Route begins in Ansião, at the Parish Church (Rua da Igreja), and ends in the village of Bofinho (parish of Pelmá), at the Chapel of Saint Anthony (at the junction of Rua da Fonte and Rua da Capela). It is a short day of walking covering 13.5 km, which can be completed in 3 hrs. It consists of a combination of local roads and footpaths. It covers a varied terrain with a maximum altitude of 350m, and it is a medium level of difficulty. 

It crosses the Municipalities of Ansião and Alvaiázere as it makes it way through the Alvaiázere Mountains, which is the highest part of the Sicó Karstic Massif. The landscape is characteristic of limestone regions, with subterranean water courses, small hills with panoramic views, slopes sheltered from the wind and lowland plains. The predominant features of this scenery are farmhouses and manor houses, centuries-old rural settlements and small villages. The natural environment is vibrant, both for its beauty and wealth of fauna and flora.

Over the course of the day you can enjoy the natural features to the full and discover the points of interest in each place you visit, both observing and feeling the vitality all around you. Be attentive to the diversity of the landscape. At the outset, don’t fail to stop at Nature Reserve, which conserves the largest Iberian expanse of Quercus faginea (better known as Portuguese oak) and where protected species of wild orchid flourish. At the end of the walk pause as you cross the River Nabão, another significant feature of the natural heritage.